Village of Wisdom - Fostering Black Genius

600 E Umstead St, Durham, NC 27701

Village of Wisdom (VOW) is a Durham community organization that seeks to uplift Black youth by closing the academic opportunity gap between students of different races and cultivating a positive racial self-concept for Black children. To eliminate racial injustice in education, VOW develops resources and tools for students, teachers, and parents to support Black students in their intellectual pursuits and encourage curiosity. 

VOW empowers parents and family to become involved in their student’s education by organizing workshops that explore racial bias in the education system along with strategies to combat such biases, amplifying the family’s political power and sense of community. They also offer consulting with schools and other organizations to bring awareness to racial equity and culturally responsive practices. One of the most notable aspects of VOW, is the Black Genius Brand, which provides positive images and stories about Black people succeeding academically and combating harmful stereotypes and misconceptions about young Black students. Furthermore, the Black Genius framework identifies six factors that define the racial climate of a classroom, which ultimately impacts academic performance and a sense of belonging: interest awareness, racial identity, multi-cultural navigation, selective trust, social justice, and a can-do attitude. 

Village of Wisdom is an important pillar in the Black community of Durham that fosters a positive self-image for Black students and eliminates barriers that prevent these students’ success. VOW fosters community support, family preparedness, and social awareness to crack down on educational inequities and support Black youth in reaching their full potential.


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