Living for a Brighter Tomorrow: Latinx Families Overcome Mental Health Struggles

2020 Chapel Hill Rd. Suite 23, Durham, NC 27707
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“Venir acá es como estar en el desierto y llegar a tomar agua. Al venir acá, me siento renovada.”

Coming here is like being in the desert and finding water to drink. When I come here, I feel renewed. — El Futuro Patient

El Futuro was founded as a volunteer effort in 2001 to meet the otherwise unmet or ignored need for bilingual mental health services for North Carolina’s growing Latinx and immigrant communities.  El Futuro has grown to become one of the state’s most trusted resources for culturally inclusive and responsive mental health services despite drastic cuts in funding for community-based mental health care since 2004. El Futuro offers clinic based services, such as mental health evaluations, family treatment, and substance abuse treatment, as well as evidence-based practices, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-sensitive yoga.

While El Futuro serves people of all ages, the organization prides itself on the care it takes to provide support to young Latinx people and students who may otherwise be socially isolated. One word is at the center of El Futuro’s efforts: familia. The most meaningful achievements of the organization are when families grow together, not allowing mental health battles to prevent them from achieving their dreams for the future. In fact, El Futuro’s primary source of referrals is from the friends and families of clients, reflecting the trust that the Latinx Durham community has invested in the organization.

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